How can Lifestyle and Holistic Mentorship benefit you?

Having a mentor that can help you move forward on your journey through life, supports you in all aspects of your life, wants only the best for you and will encourage you as your explore your internal world, is worth gold in one’s life.

I began facing into the wounds of my past from an early age. The idea that this was necessary, came from the deeper, knowing aspect of myself. The subsequent 40 years of witnessing myself through the multi-faceted layering of my connectivity of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ‘My Self’, has taken me in directions that has allowed for a deeply expansive existence. One that has shown me the unique expression that each of us hold in this Earth experience.

I have shared, mentored and supported many people in their personal growth. Through life-style changes; one on one and group retreats; workshops that include how to grow your food; food preparation; preserving your foods and how to implement all your skills in a balanced, lifestyle.

These physical implementations are necessary in helping one to ground the ‘work’ one does when facing into the emotional and spiritual aspects of oneself. If you can do this with mindful awareness, you have the ability to go the distance that you determine. It is a privilege to mentor another on their life journey. One that I hold with reverence. It takes great courage to face into oneself.

Having a mentor that supports you, wants only the best for you and will encourage you as your explore your internal world, is an incredibly valuable things in one’s life. The Carl Jung quotation “Be aware of unearned wisdom” is a quote to hold close to your heart. If you can, be gentle, be thorough, be mindful, be humble, be respectful and hold deep awareness for yourself, and creation will bend towards you.


Colonic Hydrotherapy

R 650 per 60 min treatment

Colonic Hydrotherapy, coffee implant with electrolyte & spirulina implant
* Includes digestive support with the Rife machine

R 750 per 70 min treatment

Reflexology Foot Massage
* Includes Reiki balancing

R 450

Lifestyle & Holistic Mentorship Programs are tailor-made for each person and their requirements

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