Sprout It Fermented Foods

Sprout It, my inspiration and creation, has created an exceptional platform for ever-expanding growth and interest in living foods, fermented foods and beverages.

Since 2011 I have inspired people to create either indoor kitchen gardens or external veggie gardens. We synchronise our brain and every molecule of our body to the powers of nature when we connect to the living forms of this planet that sustain us. My gardens motivated me to look at the ingredients with different eyes and transform my diet. It has been a powerful journey. So much so, that it inspired me to get people enthused with another way of looking at food and generally clean up their interior life so they could live a happy, energetic external life.

Sprout It expanded from sprouting and micro-greens – to the power and creativity of raw foods – to all fermented foods and beverages. To have a palate that incorporates diverse tastes and textures with the added aspect of creativity, is a true gift we give our body.

Since March 2011 when I held my first sprouting workshop, I have shared my passion for good living through courses, retreats, one on one programs and group programs. People have benefitted by becoming aware of how their bodies function, as well as recognising that we are all individual in our approach to finding out what is appropriate to our needs.

Today, in 2022, Sprout It has established a sound name for itself through its range of fermented foods and beverages. From wild fermented bread, wraps and pizza bases topped with fermented salsa sauce to naturally flavored kombucha and kefir water, beet kvass and fire cider to the amazing benefits of kefir dairy and we cannot forget the diverse range of fermented vegetables as in sauerkrauts, cortido plus so many more heavenly tastes. We sell these products from our home and selected outlets.

In my opinion, fermented products should be home produced. I encourage people to do this through the courses I offer. More information on my courses will be released soon.





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