About Deborah Prosser, Rest and Digest and Sprout It

An adventure in healing, food and medicine…

My motivation for doing the work I do is seeing people motivated to grow and live deeper lives. This in turn touches so many more people and together we heal. Whether it is through experiencing a healthy body or a peaceful mind, I believe we have a right to choose our path.

The first 14 years of my life indicated that if I were to survive in this world, I would need to find supportive hand holds along the way. The following years took me into exploring how my body functioned hence the interest in Reflexology, Colon-hydrotherapy, and supportive dietary habits and incorporating the gentle yet focused Kundalini Yoga that supported my physical body. The deeper aspects of spirituality and finding the meaning to my existence has been a continual exploratory journey. The depth and insights I have gained through my chosen modalities has supported not only myself but many in their respective life journeys.

The passing of my beloved Matthew has brought to the fore, the gift of living on this planet and what incredible opportunities are available if we should so choose.

Matt and I were motivated to start Rest and Digest Wellness 6 years ago because we wanted to experience a rich existence made up of experiences that not only uplifted our life but that of others. We did this through holding custodianship of the property of his family home in KZN Gillitts. We held foodie workshops; retreats that incorporated working with the permaculture principals; yoga and art therapy and deeper ceremonial and reflection retreats. These years have been deeply fulfilling. I take all I have learnt, forward with me, into formulating a unique experience for those that wish to step into the depth of who they truly are.

Why choose Rest & Digest for your Health Journey?

Exceptional levels of care

There are many levels to healthcare. Each person you meet will fulfil an aspect of your care. Some considerations for you are:
Are you being heard?
Do you feel supported?
Are your questions been answered in a way that you can understand?
Do you feel safe?
I suggest the above as they are vital in your healing process.

Professional services

The services I offer, I believe are the foundation to your health plan. For me, these practices have been what has afforded me, my health. Health, as with anything in our lives, is a work in action. You will adjust your plan as you get older, face a health issue, face an emotional issue, had a day/ week/ month of overindulging. There are many factors that affect our health. People have the misconception that if you are a healthy person, you should not get ill. All it means is that your body has the ability to adjust a little quicker, you know your body and its needs and you know where to go to should you need external support.

Years of experience

I came into this world with a physical condition that was exacerbated by emotional wounding. From a young age, I believed that our body had the ability to heal with the correct support. It is through the different modalities that I have practiced throughout my life, that I have learnt the strengths and weaknesses of my body and my mind. I encourage my clients to do the same.

Established network of health care professionals

We have a physical body, and emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body. All these aspects of yourself must be addressed when you are taking care of a health condition. Equally, you are an individual with your own unique blueprint. You will need to find your own path of healing. You may encounter few experiences as you find your own way. Each person you meet will be a step forward. There are no mistakes. Only experiences. There is no destination. Only a journey back to you.
Over all these years of being in healthcare, I have come to know and trust practitioners in all areas of mainstream care, alternative and complimentary care.

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