Pure-Self-Care 5-day Retreat at iNsingizi Lodge & Spa with Deborah Prosser & Jane Smith

Arrival: Sunday 6 November 2022 at 14:00
Departure: Friday 11 November 2022 at 10:30


Your Pure-Self-Care Retreat embodies:
~ Crisp sunrise mindfulness movement- being yoga, meditation and breathwork
~ Delicious, plant based meals to support your cleansing process
~ Purify, nourish and balance with body-care spa treatments
~ Explorative and reflective processes in nature to quieten the mind
and experience the renewal of your body, mind and soul

Download full details (PDF)

Your Facilitators

Deborah Prosser

My motivation for doing the work I do is seeing people motivated to grow and live deeper, richer lives. Through my years of learned and practiced skills, I have weaved a holistic approach to health and mental care. Taking care of the physical body with Colonic Hydrotherapy cleans up the colon setting the foundation for subsequent practises to grow healthy roots be that of a physical or emotional nature. Creating a plate of delectable flavours from nature’s palate of living foods is a cultivated practice. Practices that give me great joy in sharing. Yoga, breath work and meditation support mind, body and soul. Ceremony practices remind us to acknowledge and celebrate the gift of life.


Jane Smith

Over the past twenty odd years I have been committed to the exploration and enquiry of mindful awareness. This has enabled a close working relationship with local and international trainers and teachers. Facilitating and assisting in this work has taken me to all major cities in South Africa as well as Mauritius, Zimbabwe, United States, and France. I am a member of the School of Practical Philosophy and this informs my approach. I offer my mentorship in Meaningful Conversations. I believe nature is our greatest teacher. Reflecting your true essence through gentle, supportive feedback.
I am privileged to facilitate these teachings in Stillness In Nature Retreats.